Christian and Caroline , Bukavu, September 2016.

Christian and Caroline , Bukavu, September 2016.

The story

Caroline and Laura met in 2015 whilst at the same swimming club in Brussels . They soon started to train together and left the pool for the open-water. They both fell in love with swimming in salt water, in nature, among the wildlife and the waves .

Around the same time, while Caroline was travelling to Bukavu (DR Congo) for work, she met Chris who was working for the same NGO. Chris was always in a good mood, laughing a lot, making jokes and generally being curious. Being around him was a great pleasure and Caroline and Chris quickly became friends. It took Chris a while to tell his life story and to explain how did he lost his leg.

Caroline shared the story with Laura and as they had just started open-water swimming in the south France, they thought about how they could raise money to get Chris fitted with a proper prosthetic ….and here they are: swimming across the Gibraltar.

In June 2018, Caroline and Laura will be crossing Gibraltar together. Meanwhile in the lead up, they are training hard in the pool here in Brussels, and abroad, as well as in the sea!